If the Font Software will be used or installed on more than 5 computers (CPUs) at one single geographical location an additional license must be acquired for each additional system from BrassFonts or an authorised distributor.

An additional license is also necessary if the Font Software will be installed on a server and will be used by several systems at different geographical locations.

To publish documents with embedded BrassFonts you need a special License Agreement depending on the technology used and the scale of publishing.


BrassFonts offers scaled license packegaes. The license fees of these packages are calculated with fixed factors. The calculation is based on the following formula:

[Fee of the Base License] x [Factor of the scaled package] = Price


If you, for example, are interested in a license up to 50 CPUs multiply the Base License fee (for maximum of 5 CPUs) by the factor 3.


Pricing Chart:


    1-5 CPUs   x 1   50,00 €
    6-10 CPUs   x 1,75   87,50 €
    11-25 CPUs   x 2   100,00 €
    26-50 CPUs   x 3   150,00 €
    51-75 CPUs   x 4   200,00 €
    76-150 CPUs   x 6   300,00 €
    151-250 CPUs   x 8   400,00 €
    251-500 CPUs   x 10   500,00 €
    501-750 CPUs   x 13,5   675,00 €
    751-1000 CPUs   x 18   900,00 €


In situations where a license for more than 1.000 computers (CPUs) is needed please contact BrassFonts by email!


For detailed information about the Terms of Use please read the End User License Agreements (EULA) of BrassFonts on this website!